Pretend I haven’t left yet.

Greetings readers!

I’ll start with a retroactive pre-departure post that I drafted before I left because I couldn’t start this blog until I arrived in London.

I know I said these were under 50 pounds. I lied. Well, there was a time when they were. But not once I left for the airport.

I know I said these were under 50 pounds. I lied. Well, there was a time when they were. But not once I left for the airport.

I’m Sarah Bierman and I’m writing to you from my living room in New York City on the eve of my departure to London in the company of my two suitcases, both of which (I am proud to say) are under 50 pounds.

For the next 6 months, I will be immersed in the sculpture program at The Slade School of Fine Arts at University College London (UCL). I’m a Studio Arts major at Brandeis University and have spent the past three semesters casting porcelain bunny rabbits in paper, building shelters out of tree branches, installing miniature copper figurines in the trees of Brandeis’s humanities quad and learning the tricks and tools of the trade. I love the intersection of site specific public sculpture and community engagement and I plan to explore that further in my new setting. I’ll share more about my previous projects in the near future…

I often embark on ambitious projects that take time, patience, a whole lot of troubleshooting and the ability to take comfort in process.I want to share that with you through images that chronicle my exploration as an artist and my transition into London society and culture. I’ll share stories about the errands I run around  town to acquire supplies and the people and places and things I encounter as I experience London life and beyond. But it will be about more than art. After all, what’s an artist to do without inspiration? I draw my inspiration from everything. From picking up fallen leaves, to concerts, theater, amusing conversations and the excitement of new sites and scenes. Naturally, I will tap into the abundance of culture to fuel my voice as an artist. And I can’t wait to share those excursions and experiences with you!




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  1. Her Father says:

    More pictures please!!

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