The Praed Street Apartments

This will be brief because fact of the matter is, I haven’t really done anything yet.

I’m alive and well and pleased to have made it here intact after a very turbulent flight. Border Control was a breeze and I had both my suitcases within 3 minutes of arriving at baggage claim. Upon meeting up with the IFSA-Butler (the study abroad agency that serves as my base here) reps at Heathrow, we were each given an envelop with:

An orientation guide

A ticket to see the West End production of Snow White

A tube map

A London map

Emergency related info

An Oyster Card (metro card) 

Passport size photos (of ourselves)

A guide to London

And a letter regarding our kosher meals



For a while it was unclear whether or not Dana and I would have a third roommate. We were hoping we weren’t and our wish was granted. We have a huge room with plenty of closet space and natural lighting and an on-suite bathroom. Our apartment in the penthouse. It’s huge. There are three bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen (they got us brand new appliances and our own fridge!) and a spacious living room. The decor is simple and lovely. But we’re in desperate need of plants and flowers. We don’t have this sprawling lair to ourselves–we’re sharing it with the RAs for the study abroad residents in this building.

It’s unbelievable. We are spoiled and moving anywhere else is going to be very difficult. Pictures to come!

Dana and I are both in the midst of settling in and when we finish we’re going to explore the are and find something to eat!

One comment on “The Praed Street Apartments

  1. Her Father says:

    Gee! It’s like you’re living in Buckingham Palace! Perhaps the queen will come for a visit?

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