Things are looking up!

I’m back!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Anyway, today started off fine but quickly became frustrating when my plans to start getting what I needed to learn to make stained glass dissolved. There’s a store in Camden called Lead and Light that sell supplies for that kind of thing and they close at 5:30 and I wasn’t going to make it there in time. I tried anyway and that ended poorly. I got out of the tube and was disoriented and very and tired and starving and when I turned the corner and found a Sainbury’s supermarket so I went in, bought a DD’s sandwich (and grapes and water bottle for 3 quid!) and admitted defeat. So that was annoying. And I left a message for a stained glass instructor at City and Guilds Art School but the telephone number that I found was posted two years ago so  I wasn’t planning on ever hearing back. Deep sigh. After my unsuccessful adventure in Camden, I went back to the studio because I left my headphones in my locker and decided to just go back and sit there to eat my dinner. After dinner I decided not to despair and paint some watercolors of my little wooden birds instead. I open my locker and take out my paints only to remember I have no paint brushes. Wahhh.

But at some point I opened my sketchbook and started drawing that image I just posted for you to see and something clicked. I can’t say what until I start. But I think it clicked. So leave that click in my head! (Hi Gina. That was for-and from-Marcus.)

I got back home and tried to deal with this stupid blog that for some reason is less user-friendly than my Poland blog and the stupid pictures that take forever to upload because o the stupid internet but seemed to have managed with that so yay! Then Dana and I went out and walked for a while looking for a jazz club near Picadilly Circus for a while and as we walked by it, I hear someone call out my name. I turn around I see it’s one of the guys I met last week at the pub in Hampstead! He said that a jazz performance was starting at 11:15 and that it only costs 5 pounds for students (I obviously forgot my student ID at home). Dana and I joined and had a fantastic time. Great conversation, lovely people, and all that jazz! Great ambience, too. The place is called Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Ready for the best ending to an already fabulous evening? When I got home I checked my email and saw that the stained glass instructor I had called this afternoon emailed me! She teaches a class that I can attend for a reasonable sum of money and would be happy to further advise! She also recommended that I visit Lead and Light to get supplies, but if I attend her class I don’t need to buy any materials, all will be provided. So excited for what next week has in store. Rebecca Pollack on Monday, tutorial (aka office hours) with Kieren (one of the sculpture tutors) on Tuesday, followed by stained glass class later that evening. Wednesday brings a bookbinding induction from 10:30 AM until 4 and at 5 I’ll attend a lecture by a visiting artist. Wednesday evening at 8ish is a class at Chabad called Soul Mapping. I went yesterday and enjoyed it. And hey, maps. Last but not least, screen printing induction on Friday. I hope it’s Shabbos friendly. 

I was planning on going to Lead and Light tomorrow on the way to Hendon because Camden is also on the Northern Line, but seeing that I don’t have to get supplies just yet, I’m not going to! I’m going to go to a museum tomorrow and/or address some of the items on my bucket list. Maybe the Sloane Museum and the Museum of Surgery. It’ll be a great conversation starter for my tutorial with Kieren. (He made those recommendations. Both were already on my bucket list. Huzzah!)

So glad Shabbos is coming. Can use a breather. I’ll be going to Hendon with Caren! More later.



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One comment on “Things are looking up!

  1. Danna Shapiro says:

    wahhhhhh i like you

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