Debrief: Shabbos in Hendon

What a lovely Shabbos! Caren and I met at the tube station in Hendon where we then took the scenic route to Ben and Michelle Mitchell, cousins of our dear friend Lexi Boxer. Quite the pre-Shabbos rush, but once the candles were lit we could catch our breath and relax. One of the most amusing and entertaining Friday night dinners I’ve experienced in a while. Other guests of the Mitchells’ included Adam Boxer, Michelle’s brother who invited me to join him and his friends last Saturday night in Hampstead. Also in attendance were Abigail, Adam and Nicki, friends of Michelle and Ben. So nice to eat really good home cooked food after a week of living off of sandwiches and Cadbury bars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that type of diet. After some post-dinner shmoozing, we retired to our respective rooms and Caren and I caught up and chatted for a while. We don’t see each other often, and when we do, it’s usually on this side of the Atlantic. (Caren, I say next stop Asia!)  The next morning I went to shul Ben on the early side. We davened at Alei Tzion. It was refreshing to see a room of new people (and not new people–hello Rebecca Pollack!)–KJ and Brandeis are lovely places with lovely people, but, you know, nothing wrong with getting away for a while. Kiddish featured potato kugel, chulent AND corn chips, so I felt a strong sense of belonging. Rav Moshe Lichtenstein was the scholar in residence this week so we got to hear him speak after davening. Smart man. Another fantastic meal cooked up by Michelle and Ben, a short nap, and Shabbos was over. Michelle drove us to Kosher Kingdom (it’s exactly what it sounds like) and I stocked up on cheese, olives, pesto, and other important staples. Also got a 2013 London Kosher Guide! Finally! Then Ben met up with us at Pizaza and we got pizza, after which Caren and I made our way back to our places of residence. They showed us such a good time! A great time was had by all!

Once I got home I planned my day for tomorrow by spending some quality time with Map and Bucket List. First I’m going to the Columbia Road Flower Market and then peruse the shops on Columbia Road and Ezra Street. I’ll take my time there–so many shops and galleries to see! Then I’m going to take a long walk to the Institute of Contemporary Arts to see the 2012 Bloomberg New Contemporaries on its last day. I seem to be very good at getting to closing exhibits in the nick of time. Joining me is Daniel Susser, the person who called out my name when Dana and I were walking away from Ronnie Scotts instead of towards it. Tomorrow is looking like a swell day–by the end of it, I hope that much of Map is colored in red.

Also, I’m going to Paris in 2 weeks. Huzzah!



And for your viewing pleasure:

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