Mondays are fun days, too!

I got to the studio at about 9:30. Nice and early. I should be so motivated every day. I forgot to mention that when I went to that wonderful J & B shop I bought a fabric and thread sampler. For 10 quid, you could buy a pack of scraps–different patterns, materials, lace, embroidery floss, etc. Given that I want to try out soft sculpture, this was a great find. I started by making a bird with some really fuzzy velour red fabric, filled it with shredded paper and stitched it together with gold thread. Of course I forgot to take a picture. I’ll post one tomorrow morning! After I made the bird I decided I didn’t like it, but it makes a great pin cushion! A good start. Then the one and only Rebecca Pollack came by the Slade to see where I spend my days and then we went to the National Gallery. You should all be zocheh (meritorious) to go to a museum, especially the National Gallery, with Rebecca Pollack. I look forward to dropping by many times over the course of this semester. So photography is prohibited in the museum and I must have been yelled at 5 times before one of the guards told me to put my camera in my bag please. Fortunately it was after I got the shot.

Rebecca and I parted ways and I went back to the studio and worked for a couple more hours. I guess you want to know what I’m making/going to be making. I would very much like to tell you but I don’t like sharing my ideas as I like sharing actual tangible objects. It seems, though, that my ideas are slowly developing into physical objects and this week has ample opportunity to move in that general direction. I’ll show you pictures of the process at the end of the week and maybe I’ll also be ready to give some kind of explanation, too. Deal? Deal.

Also, I love the headphones I impulse-bought the day before I left. They change everything. Thanks Uncle Mitch!

I made a few more acquaintances in the studio today. Always nice to meet people and it’s an endless source of amusement to me that I’m the exotic international student now.

Tonight was my first HiattGoesAbroad* shift. Not to much traffic because word didn’t get out by the time we hoped it would, but I reviewed a resume and it’s good to get back in the game.

*I work at the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University at as a peer advisor. I review resumes, cover letters and discuss possible career paths with Brandeis students, 5 hours a week.

And now I’m really antsy for it to be tomorrow because I want to go make things! Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means the sculpture students have a 10 AM meeting which is usually followed by a critique, but crits don’t start until next week. I also have a tutorial (in the British sense, not American) with Kieren, one of the sculpture tutors. Tomorrow night is my first stained glass class! Huzzah!


Pictures are on their way!





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