Are you searching for anything? Or just searching?

Hello dear readers!

So sorry for the delay! I’ve been abnormally tired lately and as a result turned in quite early the past few nights. Nothing like a good Shabbos to get over that.

Let me bring you up to speed. We left off with my book binding induction.

Thursday morning I went to John Lewis (trying to think of the American equivalent….Macy’s crossed with Michaels? Hard to say…) I bought cotton sewing thread in colors that correspond to the various Tube lines for an embroidery project. Parents, now you’ll know what that charge was on the AmEx. Thanks!

I made plans to meet up with Dana and Phil (who goes to King’s College, where he is the president of the Zionist alliance) at Regents Park after my trip to Oxford Street and decided to walk there in order to cover some more ground on my Map. I walked on Margaret Street and Hallen Street and Great Portland Street and Albany Street and how exciting is that? Dana and I decided that we were going to walk around Notting Hill so Phil led the way. We took the bus (love the bus!) and got off at Notting Hill Gate and walked down Portobello Road and saw the store that housed Hugh Grant’s bookshop in Notting Hill as well as the door to Julia Roberts’ character’s apartment.

But the best part was window shopping in all the stores on the street and making my way to all places I listed under the Notting Hill on the bucket list. Hence the name of this post–I went into a vintage store and the store owner asked me that question. I thought it was well asked. I loved wandering aimlessly around stores searching for who knows what. You know I’ve been thinking about maps quite a lot, but the map book I’m reading has gotten me to start thinking about legends, too. I don’t know where I was heading with that, but my adventures in these stores feel very map-less. There’s no destination, no x-marks-the-spot, but a pull that beckons through furniture worn and weathered through time, old glass bottles, and  baskets full of assorted doorknobs. My search for the places I included on the bucket list was exciting largely because I left no details of what kind of establishment it was and my only lead was the address.

After we saw much of what Notting Hill has to offer, we decided to got to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. One bus and one bar of Cadbury Fruit and Nut later, we found ourselves walking Kings Road, where the rich and famous clothe themselves. Kings Road runs along Sloane Square, where you’ll find the Saatchi Gallery. The current exhibition features Russian contemporary art–photography, sculpture, painting, conceptual….Liked some things more than others, took pictures of what I liked best so you’ll have to wait and see…I was really struck by an installation that’s part of the permanent collection. In 1991 Richard Wilson installed 20:50, a room entirely filled with oil. The effect the dense used sump oil had on the architecture of the space was amazing. The shadows, the reflections…really threw you off, but in a good way.  It reminded me a little of the The New York Earth Room. A quiet, meditative, odd place. If you’re in New York, it’s free and on Wooster Street. It’s wonderful, if you’re into that kind of thing. I know Caren and Gina are.

After our dose of art, Dana and I headed back home and parted with Phil. Thanks for a great day Phil! We can’t wait for part two! I had plans to go out with Caren but my headwas killing and suddenly it was 7:30 and I fell asleep.

That brings us to Friday/Shabbos, but in the meantime, I’ll upload pictures.

2 comments on “Are you searching for anything? Or just searching?

  1. Leah says:

    Those clothes are gorgeous. Do you know how jealous I am right now??!?!??!

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