Hello friends!

Quick update!

You already saw Monday’s map pictures so I’ll start with Tuesday.

I might have mentioned last week or the week before that I’d be critiqued with all the first year students on Wednesday of this week. Turns out it was Tuesday! It was less than a crit and more an intro to here’s what I do. So I talked about my interest in maps and site specific installation blah blah blah. 17 people, 10 minutes each. Very long time to be standing. Then I had a tutorial with Graham Gussin, one of the sculpture tutors. Sigh. It wasn’t bad. I don’t feel invalidated or artistically worthless. But I’ve learned that talking about the bunnies outside of Brandeis usually gets taken completely out of context resulting in me sounding like an defensive and overly obsessed idiot. He though the book of cut maps was great, but when I told him that I’m doing a stained glass version he though it was arbitrary. Grains of salt, yo. I miss you Deb! Your email lit up my day!

I’m also beginning to experience FOMO (fear of missing out) for the first time in my life. Tuesday nights from 5-8 is when I have my stained glass class (for three more weeks, unless I choose to keep going with it). Tuesday’s at 5 is also the weekly gathering of the sculpture students and tutors. Activities include gallery visits, lively discussions about various things, and walks where each student leads the way for 10 minutes and you end up at a zoo. Why can’t I have it all! I can’t miss these for the rest of the year! I’ve been meeting and chatting with people in the studio but this is such a good opportunity to get to know people better. I’m going to make this work. I’m going to have it all. Not sure how yet, but watch me.

And then there’s the Wednesday issue, but I think I’ve sorted it out–thanks Alexandra. Every Wednesday at 5 PM there is a visiting artist lecture. I have my HiattChat shift at 5:30. But as of next week, my shift will be from 7-9 instead, that way I can listen to the lecture before and do something after my shift. Win-win!

Anyway, with all those crises averted or almost averted, I can return to my train of thought. After my tutorial with Graham, I spent some more time mapping and then got a DDs sandwich for dinner ate it on the tube to Kennington got to Kennington 30 minutes early so I walked some streets I’d never walked before until I suddenly appeared at the front door of City and Guilds right in time for my stained glass class. Had a great time with Carey, Rosie and Rebecca. An entertaining, smart and amusing group of people to spend an evening with. Took out my frustration from my tutorial by aggressively cutting glass for three hours. Everyone was impressed with how good I’ve gotten at it and how quickly I’m able to work. So there. After class, I made my way back to UCL and heard the jazz society perform at the Phineas Bar (UCL’s bar at the Student Union). Good time, good tunes, good company. Made my way home and went to sleep. So that’s Tuesday.

Wednesday! Today! Got out of bed on the later side. I think I was avoiding having to make Paris arrangements  But I got up and made my way out to the studio at around 2 where I worked for 3 hours then came home for HiattChat shift and spend a while with Dana, GPod and a virtual Hanah Yoo finalizing our plans for Paris! So excited! I’m not going to waste time telling you what we’re going to do, you’re just going to have to wait for me to post pictures afterwards. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, when I have wifi, I will post pictures to my wall so be sure to tune in there!

I think that’s all for now….Pictures are uploading….



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