Paris Day 3: Caddish? Kidbury? Chocolate every single day?

Slept late, ate late, went on a walk through Jardins D’eole and down the St. Martin Canal. I really liked how the park was designed—the steps were built into the hill to look like they were always there. They were made out of some kind of stone and turning green with mossy stuff. Lots of hills and slopes and turns. Then we walked along the canal and over a few bridges where Hanah pointed out “love locks.” Couples will take a lock, write their names on it, lock it on the bridge and toss the key into the canal. Awww. Then we saw these studs on a tree trunk in the shape of a bunny. What a great moment.

By the time we got back, Shabbos was almost over so we passed the time with a solid nap. After Shabbos we went to a restaurant called Casa Rina and had pizza. How very Italian of us. We got out of the Metro at the stop near the Moulin Rouge, so we took some obligatory pictures in front of it. Trés exciting. After dinner we walked around in search of some genuine Parisian nightlife and didn’t find any so we went home. But first we gotl ost. Several times.

We slept for a few hours, packed our stuff and made our way back to Gare du Nord to get on the Eurostar back to London. Alas. We’ll always have Paris, but I really missed London. I missed people who know have proper staircase and escalator etiquette, clean transportation, and sensible urban planning. And nothing could beat that bluish sky when we pulled into St. Pancras. A mostly sunny and blueish day. It’s about time.

And finally…


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