Wednesday, January 30

My eating habits are wreaking havoc on my life. My diet consists largely of Cadbury chocolate and Walker crisps. And it makes me feel sick and tired and hungrier all the time. So I decided I need to change that. The problem is, I leave at around 9 in the morning and get home 9, 10 or 11 in the evening. One can only pack so much to eat! Hence the inevitable self indulgent decline into chocolate and chips. So yesterday I ate (raw) almonds. Today I ate pineapples and pomegranate seeds and more (raw) almonds. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, too. And three (homemade, as opposed to DD’s from Sainsbury’s kosher sandwiches that I cant stand eating anymore because there is no variety and they’re just not good) sandwiches for lunch. And also half a (giant) bar of Cadbury’s. I don’t know why I’m sharing all this. Maybe it’s a plea for filling and easy to make recipes? Suggestions? Put an end to this madness! Please!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Got to the studio just in time for the cross area seminar. I was a little nervous at first, but 4 people went before me and that eased me into the rhythm. My turn was exactly as I wanted it to be—people sitting with me around a table, not me awkwardly perched on my desk, facing the crowd, kind of like last weeks seminar. My atlas of cut maps was very well received and people shared insightful observations about my work and cartography and psycho-geography in general and plenty of reading and seeing recommendations. That’s really the best part. I also shared the project that I’m doing about charting my own routes around London and someone noted the contradiction between that project and the papercut maps. The Sarah Walks London 2013 project is me interacting with the world—charting my route in a very literal and physical way. The paper cutting and the embroidery is very intimate—me, alone in my studio, working on a very small scale creating something delicate and intricate and obsessive. Additionally, I’m looking at completely standardized maps for public use that map every possible route, not a specific journey. The general take away was that I should embrace the contradiction, work with it, don’t resolve it. I’m all for that. I do think, however (and I said this) that the papercutting is mapping my mind where Sarah Walks London 2013 is mapping me in the world. The repetitive motions and mass production of doing the same thing over and over and over again tell you where my mind is a given moment. What I do with my hands is a direct physical manifestation of whatever is going on in my head.

I like to see these paper maps as a map of my imagination, the artist as cartographer.

After the seminar ended, I inhaled my lunch and had to go outside because the sky was blue. And I learned that just because the sky is blue doesn’t mean the weather is warm. It’s very misleading. Blue skies are so few and far between that when you see one, it must mean spring is here. Ha. Don’t say that too loudly or it’ll to start rain.

After lunch I mapped for a bit a more, had a nice chat with Frank, who sits next to me. He asked me about my bunnies—the quick reference I had made to them last week during my seminar had intrigued him. He loved the concept of creating something to give away and create a community as a result. And it was nice to finally talk to someone who didn’t think the project was the weirdest thing in the whole world.

At 5 I made my way to the weekly artist talk. I hadn’t been to one until today because of my HiattChat shift, but I moved that later so I could go to these lectures. Not my thing, but I’m glad I went. Gail something or other. Filmmaker/performance artist. Weird films. Dark room. Tired. Fell asleep. Afterwards, I went to the main library to see if they had Journey Around my Room by Xavier de Maistre. They did not. Then I went to Caffe Nero for free wifi to do my HiattChat shift during which someone came in and stole a lady’s phone. Isn’t London grand!? After my shift I packed up, went home, and here I am.

It amazes me how fast the days pass. I suppose that when you are completely immersed in things that you love, time has a tendency to go by quicker. I wish I could slow it down, but that would mean taking classes and writing papers. I’ll opt for the former.



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