February 12, 2013: You should really ask before taking a photograph.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’d rather not. Because then you’ll say no and I’ll proceed to take pictures anyway and how awkward would that be. After blatantly ignoring the NO PHOTOGRAPHS sign at the Light Show exhibition at the Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery, I let my rebellious photographic streak take me all the way to Peter Ellis Booksellers on Cecil Court (thanks Phil!) and took pictures to my hearts content until the master of the books caught me taking what I thought was an inconspicuous panoramic shot. I guess it’s hard to be inconspicuous when you’re rotating ever so slightly.

After doing some final hotel research for my parents (SO SOON!) I made my way to the Aldwych Theatre to get tickets to see Top Hat on Saturday night with the folks. I had two hours before I was due to meet up with Phil at the Hayward Gallery so I decided to walk and explore. Started off on Longacre, turned right on Bow, right on Wellington, Strand, Aldwych, Drury Lane, Tavistock Street, Tavistock Court and then found myself in Covent Garden where I briefly considered going to the London TransportMuseum (shout out to Rebecca Pollack!) but decided not to because that’s something I could do with the parental unit when they come. Instead, I wandered around Covent Garden, and went to a fantastic toy store, encountered chocolate bunnies and a Lindt Easter Egg hunt. Great fun! Then I turned onto King Street then on to New Row which is where Laird’s, a hat store that Phil suggested I have a look at, is located. Found a great hat, maybe even better than my previous one, but it’s beige and I don’t want a beige hat. See (not so good) photo below. Parents, perhaps you’ll weigh in? And chip in? Huzzah! Just saved you 500 dollars on a hotel room! šŸ™‚ Then I turned onto St. Martin Street, onto the Strand, on to Lancaster Place, across the Waterloo Bridge and met Phil at the Light Show after a quick pop in to the book store at the National Theatre. Great, great exhibition. You know how I feel about light in art–the show was made for me. A few works really stood out above the rest, see pictures below. After the gallery, Phil and I walked to Picadilly in the hopes of finding a hat. No such luck, but did some great window shopping in the Picadilly, Burlington and Royal Arcades. We walked in the direction of Phil’s next stop for a bit and then he left me off at Cecil Court and we’ve now made a full circle at the start of this post. I still had some energy left so I walked along Hop Gardens, Bedfordbury, Chandos Place, Agar Street, the Strand, Bedford Street, James Street and then back on the the Tube at Covent Garden. Thanks for a great day and great conversation, Phil! I know you’re reading this! šŸ™‚

My plan (plans. ha.) was to head home and pick up my paper and laptop and go to the studio and blog and collage for a while but at some point during the day Dana texted me and told me that the IFSA Butler folks were going to get kosher food for the Valentines Day/Chinese New Year/Pancake Week party at their office so we felt like it would be nice if we showed up. We got there 40 minutes or so before it started to wrap up–just enough time to enter our raffle tickets and win a prize! What do you know? We both won! I don’t think they mixed those tickets up very well…. I was the first winner to be drawn which kind of sucked because I knew I had lost my chance to win the grand prize to Paris. I won a box of traif marzipan and fudge. I really like the box it came in.

Lynne Alvarez, one of the powers that be over at IFSA Butler has been EXTREMELY accomodating vis a vis making sure we get a chance to go on a trip to the Lake District. Basically, there’s an adventure weekend coming up but it’s over Shabbos and we’d miss out greatly. So Lynne arranged for us Shabbos keepers to go during the middle of the week in April! Huzzah! It might be complicated to find a few days that work for all of us given our jet-setting tendencies. But I’m going on that trip. The location is 40 miles from the nearest publication transport option and they’re going to get us a direct ride. This is happening. The hotel is lovely and the whole thing is super outdoorsy. Next week Dana and I are going to get coffee with Lynne and will attempt to sort this out!

I headed to the studio straight from the party at the Pembridge Gardens office where I was blessed with an impromptu video chat with the one and only Tammie Senders. What a treat. Now I’m going to post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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