February 19-February 22, 2013: Week in review….

Tuesday February 19: Seminar Day! I’m having my seminar/crit on March 12 so stay tuned you’ll hear all about it. I signed up for a Casting Workshop next Friday. Casting as in mold making and plaster and alginate as opposed to theater and film. So excited. Keep meaning to cast with glass but never get around to it so it’ll be nice and motivating to spend a day with an expert mold maker. Had a tutorial with Mel Jackson. She gave me whole list of things to see and places to go and artists to research. She also said that given my interest in visual merchandising, I should start thinking more critically about displays and the psychology of consumerism and theory on all that. Maybe. She also said that I should try to find a theme so that when I go walking I’m viewing everything through a certain lens or looking for something in particular. I KNOW! I’M TRYING! But also I like the aimlessness of it all, so I’m not really looking for a theme. That would color the whole experience and want to keep it open-ended for now. She also said that I need more of a cisual library in my space and that I should print things out not just keep everything on my camera/computer/blog and that taking so many pictures isn’t always a good thing and I should try to take only a few and see what happens. Ha. Afterwards I made my way to City and Guilds where I finally started soldering my piece! Don’t let this enthusiam and excitement fool you, it was extremely frustrating and I longed for the days of copper foiling. The solder wouldn’t melt properly and then when it would get all globby and ugh. But great news! You know the Cadbury Brunch Bars I’ve been searching for in every single supermarket? The delicious “bug bars” (because of the raisins) I’ve been longing for for TEN YEARS? When I got to the studio Carey (the instructor) said she had something for me. SHE FOUND MY BUG BARS! SHE GOT ME A WHOLE BOX! (But of course I shared it). KINDEST THING EVER. My search is over. I can die happy. In a bed of Cadbury’s chocolate. Got home and ate pasta for dinner with Zelle, Zahava and Dana and then went out for a drink with Zahava and had some major roomie bonding time followed by banana Cadbury’s sandwiches in the sandwich maker. Huzzah!

Wednesday February 20:  Zahava and Sarah day part two! Dana, Zahava and I made our way to the Matilida the Musical box office in the hopes of getting 10 pound tickets for tonights performance but we didn’t come early enough. So we got discount tickets to see Singin’ in the Rain! Again! In the second row! HUZZAH! Can we do this everyday? La la! Zahava and I then made our way across the Waterloo Bridge and strolled along Southbank until we got to Shakespeare’s Globe. Such fun! Felt kind of bad that I have no interest in Shakespeare’s work because the tour was so interesting and the exhibition was so well done. But I will always be an avid fan of No Fear Shakespeare. The Globe is right near the Tate Modern and Zahava said she was instructed to go there so we did. I gave her a 15 minute tour and I think that was enough to hold her over for quite a while. Then we walked across the Millenium Bridge, passed St. Paul’s and over to the Mansion House Tube where Zahava and I parted so I could go to the Slade for my tutorial with Kieren. And a great tutorial it was. I mean, it started off with him telling me that he thought of me when he read an article about bunnies who have invaded a parking lot somewhere in the U.S. and have been eating all the cars. After telling him that I’ve hit a rut he said, “well, don’t panic.” And proceeded to reassure me and tell me why I’m in such a great place now. Phew. And I went on and on about how there are so many things I want to make and explore but never really no how to narrow it down or incorporate it all and he said that as I develop as an artist I’ll figure out my practice and I’ll know what kind of work I make and the means and methods will come more naturally. What a pep talk. He’s a fan of my walking project and gave me so many great ideas to approach my seminar in a few weeks. He suggested that I take everyone on a walk. He shared a few ways to go about it, but it’s really just the fact that he planted the idea in my head and I love it. He also brought up the idea of podcasting my walks and sharing them with public—he liked the way I involved people in the bunny project and was helping me think of way I can incorporate participation into this as well and all the different forms participation comes in. He also suggested making copper etchings of drawings of  individual walks I take and do something with that. And get this. He asked me if I had been to North London yet. How far North, I asked. East Finchley, etc. Yes, I have been there as a matter of fact. And then he proceeded to tell me how in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods there’s a boundary marked and if you’re within the boundary it means…and he trailed off and I filled in and knew he was getting at eruvs. If a community lives within an eruv, it means they can carry stuff on Shabbos. He thought it was fascinating that this kind of mapping is embedded into my observance. I will never cease to be amazed by how amazed non-Jews are by Judaism. WHAT A GREAT TUTORIAL! Then I met up with Yael Julia and we chatted and it was grand and then I went home to drop my stuff off and headed to the theater. So you can never really see a show for the second time and expect for it to be just like the first. It’s times like this where my attention to detail is really evident. I spent most of the first act distracted by the fact that there were some understudies/they were integrating new cast members and it wasn’t EXACTLY the same. And then I was distracted because I just couldn’t tell if it was the same actress playing Kathy Selden but fortunately my distress was ameliorated in the last 10 minutes when I recognized a pock mark on her left arm and knew it was the same Kathy Selden and then I was able to sit back and enjoy myself. There was this guy who was sitting behind me scribbling notes and after a while I realized that he’s involved with the show and kept slipping in and out discretely. That helped reinforce my theory that they are integrating new cast members and he’s seeing how it all flows. Also, it would be really nice to find my way back into theater production. The concept of working on the set or the design or the props of a show is so appealing and perfect but it just didn’t really work for me so well last time. I plan on having an extremely varied career (shout out to the parents!) so I’ll have plenty time to revisit that and take over Anthropologie. I wish I asked that guy what his deal was. Sigh. Maybe he would have valued my opinion given that I’ve seen the show twice in one week and each experience was so different. But it still rained and they still sang so I loved it and want to see it again. After the show we went home for the Hamentashen (cookies eaten on Purim) party Dana was hosting. Great fun! Great company! I ate all the burnt Hamentashen! And then it was 3 AM and I went to bed. But before I went to bed I might have had the project idea I’ve been waiting for simply by looking at my boots. And as usual, I will not disclose information until I test run and emerge with success.


Thursday February 21: And then it was noon and I woke up. That’s the best way to do a fast day. I had a few hours before it was time to go to City and Guilds so I decided to go for a walk. It was a great walk. I walked and thought about my conversation with Kieran and filmed myself walking and talking and talked about walking and why I walk and what I think about when I walk and blah blah blah and watched all the videos on the Tube ride home after stained glass and I don’t know where it’s going but I liked it. I also think it’s time to whip out the Holga and sign up for a darkroom induction. Anyway, it was one of the best walks I’ve had yet. I think I’d even go so far as to say THE BEST, but that seems so unflexible. But it was definitely the most spontaneous one so far. And….I GOT A NEW HAT. Also completely spontaneous. Huzzah! Then I walked and walked and walked and walked and had a hard time getting myself to stop but finally ended up at Oxford Circus and took the Tube to Warren street to grab dinner at the Sainsbury’s near school and then I made my way the Kennington where I had a much much better time soldering. I’ve made a lot of progress—I can hold my piece up and I’ve started soldering the back! And Carey brought another box of bug bars! Ah! Life! Then I made my way home and here I am writing to you.

Friday February 22: Chilled out, made some mishloach manot, getting ready to make my way to Golders Green for Shabbos where I will meet a bunny! And the people who are hosting me and Dana for Shabbos!

Coming up: Pictures of it all! Shabbos! Purim! A 3-day trip to somewhere in Europe and a day trip somewhere in England!

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