February 26, 2013: Underneath all its engineering and operation, there is the revelation and realisation of something which is in the nature of a work of art.

When did it become February 26? Let’s take a moment to meditate on that.

Moving on.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not bored of London. That said, I feel like my days are getting predictable however spontaneous they are. I love the structure City and Guilds and HiattChat gives me, as well as my epic bucket list. But I want something unexpected to happen, something so chance that I couldn’t have had anything to do with it. The closest I came to that was finding my hat last week and finding kosher sandwiches in the Tesco near Covent Garden today. But you know what I mean? I can’t describe what that kind of situation entails but I see it in my mind’s eye and I would recognize it if it happened. Am I asking for too much? I JUST WANT SOMETHING AMAZING TO HAPPEN! Someone tell me what Pixar movie that’s from. Because I can’t remember.

GRANTED, today was a great day! I started the morning at the studio where I had a quick chat with Kieren about how assessments work, etc and then I made my way over to Phil’s to hear him practice his debate which I can’t attend tomorrow evening. He’s debating former MP George Galloway on the topic of the Middle East conflict. Galloway recently stormed out of a debate  upon learning that his opponent was Israeli he stated that he doesn’t recognize Israel and does not debate with Israelis and left of the room. And Phil has decided to take him on! Phil, you’re eloquent and intelligent and you’re going to be great! And three cheers for being New England-bound! See you in Cambridge, USA!  #shoutout #bloggydayfame

Afterwards I went to the London Transport Museum, nowmy favorite place in London so far. No words. I’ll let the pictures I’ll probably never get around to uploading speak for themselves. But wow. SO MANY MAPS AND MODES OF TRANSPORTATION AND I GOT TO DRIVE TWO TRAINS AND A BUS. But that didn’t do it for me. I still have this unwavering desire to go inside the train cockpit (that can’t be right). There’s this artist who did an Underground related project for the Jubilee line a few years ago who sketched 60 Jubilee Line staff members and got to go into the cockpit. Help me think of a project where I can make that happen for me. To keep this kids motivated to go through the exhibit, there are these stations where they can insert this card and punch a taxi/train/bus shaped cut out. There are 14 different stations and they all have to do with various points in the development of TfL. I decided that I wanted all the little transportation confettis for some project that might not even happen so I asked a museum worker if she knew who I could ask to see if that was a possibility. And it was! I now have a bag full of itty bitty buses and taxis! And they said I can come back for more! Now. Any ideas?

I spent about 4 hours there and didn’t finish. I’m very thorough. Luckily the ticket is valid for a year! So I can go back whenever I please! It was so great. I’ve always been inexplicably drawn to transportation, specifically the behind the scenes of it all. I really want to work for TfL in some capacity. Preferably as a train conduct0r but I’d be happy to step up as the next Frank Pick, too. Thanks, Frank, for today’s blog title. I feel feeling this most acutely when I’m in airports/flying. Remember that time I flew a plane? Sigh. Got to do that again. I’d also like to learn to drive a car at some point in the near future so I can go ahead with my career in public transport.

I had to leave so I’d make it in time to hear Helen Maurer speak at City and Guilds. It’s funny, during my first tutorial with Kieren, he suggested I have a look at her work and I loved it. Full of light, color, mirrors and movement. I’m thrilled I got to hear her speak! She’s quite an inspiration–I love her process and her work and the materials she works with and they way she speaks with ease about her work. What a treat. After the talk I worked some more on my stained glass map–making so much progress! It should be done on Thursday–just in time for my seminar on Tuesday. I was planning to go on 12 March but Kieren asked if I’d go next week. Huzzah!

After my evening at City and Guilds I listened to the jazzsociety perform at UCL. Shout out to Susser. Then I made my way home where I’m sitting and writing to you, my faithful and committed reader.

I’d say what I’m doing tomorrow but I don’t really know. I’m going to book my lodgings for Cornwall. Maybe I’ll take the Holga out for a photoshoot. I’d like to get going on this idea for a project that involves my beloved well-worn brown boots. Maybe that will happen tomorrow. I also keep meaning to get a really good map big map of London and to do something more with a route I took last week but I’m not feeling that sense of motivating urgency yet so who can say when I’ll get to it. Maybe I’ll print some of the pictures I’ve been taking to make my studio space my visually inspiring/compelling. Perhaps a Hockney-esque pastiche will ensue. My library card for that cool library in East London came the other day. Maybe I’ll wander around there for a bit. I’m in the mood for some theater. Maybe I’ll see a show tomorrow night. Singin’ in the Rain, anyone?



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