Wednesday, February 27, 2013: I have expensive taste. No shame.

Greetings from the Slade, my friends.

I covered and absurd amount of ground today. In addition to my MASTER MAP, I am also going to start making maps for each route I take so I can see the pattern that typically gets lost in all the red on the MASTER MAP. I had a couple ideas of what I’d do with them. Ideas involving etchings, casting, papercuts, layers of glass…..we’ll see which idea actually comes into fruition.

I woke up this morning quite late. So late in fact, that it wasn’t morning anymore and hadn’t been for a little while. My first task of the day was to book somewhere to stay in Cornwall. Unsuccessful. I tried calling, no answer. So I emailed the B&B’s that I’m interested in and fingers crossed that they (a) respond and (b) aren’t booked. I hate being patient. Then I did some logistical things to get my trip the Lake District (March 13-14!) in order and without further ado, got a haircut after 1 + years of going without one. And then the walking began. Walk with me!

Edgware Road, Oxford Street, Gilbert Street, Weighhouse Street, South Molton Lane, Brook Street, South Molton Street, Stratford Place, South Molton Street, Globe Yard, South Molton Street, Brook Street, New Bond Street, Picadilly, Duke Street St. James’s, King Street, Bury Street, Jermyn Street, St. James Street, St. James Place, St. James Street, Waterloo Place, down the steps to Horse Guard Road and Birdcage walk along St. James Park, Queen Anne’s Gate, Petty France, St. James Park Tube back to UCL.

And now I’m HiattChatting/writing to you and thinking about whatwill make this walking art.



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