Monday, March 4, 2013: Plastered.

Lesson learned. Plaster is not my medium. Shout out to Rebecca Pollack, whose medium it is.

It’s messy, it doesn’t do what you want, and it sets too quickly and it’s messy and I’m only tolerant of certain messes. This includes glue and very little else. But this is a good thing. I like to try out everything I can get my hands on if only to figure out what I don’t want to work with. So I win.

I had this great idea to make glass casts of my precious, well worn, well walked boots.  I’d make a bunch of them and leave them at various points on my walk. Either for good, or just to photograph and take them with me. The problem is that in order to cast with glass you need to make a mold that is kiln-safe, so it takes a few extra steps to get to that point. I had no patience and it was confusing and I bought this really cool really expensive putty stuff that you mush up and put on the object you want an impression of and it sets in 5 minutes and you’ve got a reusable mold. And that part came out really well! The trouble started when I decided to pour the plaster when I didn’t have all the right equipment. You see, the mold was oddly shaped so I couldn’t exactly lay it flat. I decided to be creative and make some kind of makeshift device to level it out so that I could pour the plaster evenly. Basically, it didn’t work and I filled the entire contained with plaster and watched my mold harden inside it. As it was setting I remembered that at Goldman Schwartz (studio at Brandeis) we have these little orange rubbery nubby things that you use to level out the surface for an oddly shaped object. Such as a boot. Or a paper bunny. (That’s when I used them).

So I left the studio messy and chalky handed and annoyed but hopeful that at the very least, my mold would be salvageable.

Quiet evening at home, Matt Berninger, love of my life, kept me company during my HiattChat shift. Lies! No he didn’t! Just realized I was listening to The Feeling (one of their songs was playing overhead when I went food shopping that day) so I decided to revisit their music. They’re a British band and so many of their lyrics make sense now that I’m living here. Then I played this on repeat.

I still owe you pictures. Be patient.


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