Friday-Saturday, March 8-9, 2013: Loy siraaaaaaa m’pachad laylaaaaaa

Greetings friends,

I spent most of Friday in the studio. No epic walk because it was rainy and I just wasn’t feeling it. Happy to walk in the rain, but alas, eh. I was set on printing all day, but I got there a little later than I thought and that really interrupts my flow because the shop closes for lunch. So I went in and instead of asking David for etching help, I found James to discuss a bookbinding project. That had to wait until a little later, so I spent the time putting up the pictures I ordered from Snapfish (2 weeks before I need to take them down, but hey, seminar on Tuesday, let’s give them something to talk about) and cleaned up my glass map. Really not sure how to display it/what to do to make it a finished piece. When I was at Marble Arch synagogue for services today, I notices how some of the stained glass windows that are installed not on windows but on walls are built into a wooden case. Something worth considering, but my piece has no symmetry and making a box that would fit it perfectly might drive me mad. So, back to the drawing board. I also thought about making a book to install it (hard to explain) but then you lose the effect of being able to see through the float glass. And while I was holding it up in a particularly nicely lit area in the studio, I loved the shadows and movement it projected on the walls around me. Yeah so I don’t know where that’s going right now. A couple of the weaker points (strength wise, not aesthetically) needed so be resoldered so I went to the workshop to see what  I could do about that, but then I was reminded why I’m making stained glass at City and Guilds and not at the Slade. Didn’t really have what I needed. Ah well.

After that, I met with James (bookbinding/printmaking teaching fellow) to discuss binding possibilities for my blog book. And it’s a go! Starting production on Wednesday. One volume per month. Now I need to format every single page. Saturday night activity? Huzzah!

Yael Marks, fellow Brandeisian is in town from DIS in Copenhagen and we had a lovely Shabbos with her. Friday night services at Marble Arch followed by dinner at the Praed Street Penthouse with GPod and Phil. Great time was had by all. What a crowd. Thanks for the fragrant flowers, Phil. And thank you Yael for all the bunny trinkets! You are welcome back whenever you please!

I’ve been waiting all week for kiddush at Marble Arch and I’m happy to say that it did not fail to please. Great chulent, great kugel, I’m a happy person. After kiddish, Dana, Yael and I went on a walk through Hyde Park and along the Serpentine where we saw many people getting a little to close to the pigeons. Those are not exotic birds, friends. They’re rats with wings. Walked long Park Lane (new street to my feet!) back to Edgware Road and had lunch followed by a solid nap and now Shabbos is over and I’m writing to you.

Tomorrow: John Lennon and I hit up Londontown! Featuring a tour through “Musical London: Baroque to Rock.” You think they’ll take us to see the dwelling of Mumford and Sons? One can only dream…



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