Thursday, March 14, 2013: At once I knew I was not magnificent.

Friends! Hello!

Just returned from the Lake District where I had a sheeptastic time strolling the steep steep hills of Cumbria. Just wanted to check in and say hello before I get to writing a proper post. I’m wiped out right now and there’s no time to rest, at least not yet. Tomorrow morning I need to be at the British Museum at 10 AM to see some prints with other Slade printmakers. Time permitting, I will then head back to the Slade and start working on binding my blog. Then there will be time to rest because Shabbos is coming! Huzzah! Staying local–Friday night dinner with the Brandeis crew, lunch at the Lews and then celebrating Yael/Julia’s 21st Saturday night! Sunday: Oxford-bound! What’s in store? No idea! But it better be exciting!

Ahh time to pass out. So tired. 70% of my exhaustion is from today’s strenuous activities. 30% is from crying the entire train ride back to London while reading/finishing The Fault in our Stars.

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