Friday-Sunday, March 15-17, 2013: Bring your own shovel because snow is gross.

Friday was supposed to be a packed day but I was too depressed from The Fault in our Stars and too energy-depleted from yesterday’s hikes that I spent most of the day napping on the couch. I got up and made my way to meet Slade people at the British Museum but then ended up getting there either 20 minutes late or 40 minutes early and at that point I was so worn out that after going through Room 90 (prints on paper) I sat on a bench in the lobby and decided that home needs to be the next stop (via the studio via Waterstones via Sainsbury’s). I had planned to spend the afternoon in the bindery but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. Got home, curled up in a ball on the couch and brooded about The Fault in our Stars and then I woke up and Shabbos was in 40 minutes so I got ready.

Went to Marble Arch for Friday night services. Someone sponsored the choir to accompany the Rabbi so that was certainly musical and beautiful. And really long. But mostly musical and beautiful. At long last, the entire Praed Street Brandeis crew got together for a Shabbos meal. So much fun! Happy (almost) birthday, Andrew! You make a great deli roll! At some late hour, I went to bed and tried to un-remember The Fault in our Stars because because because because ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Instead I played most of the book in my mind and fell asleep.

Shabbat morning services at Marble Arch. A Bar Mitzvah. A choir. Interminable. But yet it did end and then there was a great kiddush to follow. After that, Dana and I joined the Rabbi and the choir singers across the street to make kiddush and sing songs for Manya, a 101-year-old lady! We should all live and be well. Then we made our way to the Lew’s for lunch, where we ate good food (got my chulent/potato kugel fix) in good company.

Didn’t really get home with much time for a nap, but I napped anyway. These things are important.

After Shabbos, Avi and I braved the torrential downpour and ventured out to celebrate Yael/Julia’s 21st birthday! It was “under the sea” themed. Avi and I took it literally and arrived drenched. Shout out to Phil, because he was there. And because he probably keeps a tally of his shout outs and I aim to please.

Moving along to Sunday. Took a bright and early 9:30 AM train to spend the day with John Lennon in Oxford. Stopped off at the shul first to talk to Rabbi Friedman briefly about Brandeis on the eve of their JLIC interview. Then John drove over, we made sandwiches at his place, and then went to the Museum of the History of Science. Look at that carefully. What kind of museum is that? A science museum? A history museum? BOTH? We went specifically to see an exhibition about sleep and the brain, but this exhibit was less like your typical museum exhibit and more like a 7th grade science fair. I’m not in any way undermining the Epic Brain Geniuses (the people running the stations had stickers saying that) and their knowledge of the brain they know so much about. It was more the set up of the exhibit that made me think “science fair” and not “credible exhibition.” Tables, crowded room, children. But hey, apparently I have really good reaction time and I can move things withmy brain! We wandered around the rest of the museum and saw scientific, medical and navigational tools of centuries past. When everything was made out of brass and engraved with cursive letters. I like things. I especially like functional things. With small writing. I liked this museum.

We browsed through a few stores and then made our way to see Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D. Such an entertaining movie. Aesthetically pleasing, artistically inspiring, and also good. The opening credits were so well done. You know those paper peep show theater things I like to covet when I peruse toy stores? It was basically a digital rendering of those. So clever. Lot’s of light, movement, shadow, music boxes, moving mechanisms….well, what’s it gonna be?

After the movie, we walked a bit, found the oldest building in Oxford–an unlocked prison. Kind of creepy at night, but mostly the good kind of haunting. Ended up at the train station and boarded the 8:50 to London Paddington.

Final note: I’m exhausted. Does this make any sense at all? I might have left entire chunks out of theday. Will revisit post tomorrow.



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