Monday-Wednesday, March 18-20, 2013: Your voice has stolen my soul, soul, soul.

Friends, dear friends,

I’m supposed to be packing right now but I’m finding that difficult and remembered that I have some blogging to do before I leave for Israel tomorrow mornings so now I feel less bad about not packing. You see, the problem I’m facing as far as packing in concerned is that I only have sweaters and it’s 70+ degrees in Israel. So I have nothing to bring. In theory, that should make packing incredibly easy, but it’s stressing me out. Blargh.

Let’s catch up.


I slept pretty late on Monday. The problem with that is that everything at the Slade still closes as the same time no matter what, so the later I sleep, the less time I can spend in the printshop, etc. More urgent was my need to catch up on posting pictures to this lovely blog of mine. I spent two hours dealing with that (SO YOU BETTER LOOK AT THEM. YOU BETTER LOOK AT THEM AND LIKE THEM), then I went to the printshop did some dry point on the bunny copper plate to bring out some detail and then it was time to clean up. When I got home, I spent the evening painting some rough sketches for the stained glass panels I’ll be making in Cornwall next month. I sent them along to the powers that be and they got back to me so quickly! They’ll have a variety of blue and green textured glass which, as you’ll see in the sketches I eventually upload, is quite crucial. I’m so excited for this workshop, but I’m worried I’m a little too ambitious with this project and not expecting/prepared for any obstacles at all whatsoever, so should I encounter difficulties, I’m not going to troubleshoot/cope well. And the whole program is 5 days. No time for setbacks. NO TIME. Anyway, it was lovely to spend a quiet evening painting at home with Matt Berninger singing to me the whole time. Then I had my HiattChat shift as usual. And ate a whole bag of pasta. And I just can’t get to bed at a decent hour.



Got to the printshop pretty early, worked on the bunny copper plate a bit more until it was time get into Hiatt Advisor mode to Skype with a Brandeis student studying abroad in China looking for something to do there this summer. Then I went to the media lab and finished formatting/printing the January section of this blog to get ready for tomorrow’s binding job. Also did some logistical things to get ready for getting out of here i.e. printing boarding pass, selling chametz, etc. At around 4, I made my way to Kennington where I was supposed to meet Carey and some other glass people in Kennington Park for some Tai Chi. However, I did not see anyone so just spent the time wandering through the park, hoping to get a second wind. Then when I got to the studio, Carey asked “did you just spend the last 45 minutes in Kennington Park wondering where we were??” Um. No. (Yes.) It was pushed off for some reason. Well, the park was lovely. Really. It was. Spent the next couple of hours working on this glass house thing that I’m experimenting with and still haven’t shown you pictures of! That went pretty well. A bunch of us went out for drinks at a nearby pub because a former student was in town and wanted to catch up with everyone from the glass studio. I just met her and had a lovely time with Carey, Alan, Rosie, and Rebecca. Such good company and conversation to match. Rebecca talked to me about her career in marketing how she transitioned into conservation after 25 years in the business world. Blows my mind. Not going to rehash every conversation from that evening, but just want to say that City and Guilds and all it entails has definitely been a defining aspect of this semester. Took the Tube back with Rosie and she told me about being an art teacher here–sounds way more intense than the art curriculum I had in high school. But I suppose that’s what A levels are all about.

Got home close to midnight, ate half a bag of pasta, passed out.


Got to the studio at 9:45 to ensure I could maximize time at the bindery (closed at 2 today instead of 5 for a staff meeting). I got pretty far along! Bound Volumes 1 & 2 (Jan and Feb) of the blog–not to completion, but that was all I could do today given the time and the materials I had available. I still need to give a few things some more thought. The color/material of the cover, the inside pages….Also want to make a box for all the books to go inside, but I can’t really do that until all the books are done and bound. Maybe something to do when I get back….After the bindery closed and I parted with the Slade until after the break, I met Eytan Zadoff, fresh off the plane, at Caffe Nero! So great to catch up but we’ll need to do this properly with Jess when I get back to the States! JESS! I miss you!! Eytan, have fun with those manuscripts at the BL tomorrow!

I wanted to go to an adventure to the Royal College of Art to see this really cool exhibit that won’t be around when I get back or go on a long walk but I was feeling tired and slightly dehydrated I know that tonight will be a late night because that’s what happens the night before I go away somewhere so I made my way home and here I am and I still haven’t packed but that’s ok because we ordered burgers.

Today’s blog title comes from:

I’ve listened to this song at least 45 times in the last 4 days. Why? I don’t know. It’s just addictive.

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