Later on Sunday, April, 7, 2013: Good as Gold

Many hours later, I arrived in Cornwall.

I got into a taxi outside the station in Penzance. Ian the taxi driver was originally a Midlander, but has been living in Cornwall for the last 50 years. Ian used to be a deep-sea fisher until twenty-two years ago, when his boat got hit by a tanker, killing three of his close friends. For the thirteen years following that traumatic, he was in a funk, or as he put it, “not in a good way.” Ian started his own cab company 8 years ago. Sometime since then, his wife had a botched eyebrow lift and lost her ability to speak as a result. Ian visits her every night just to make eye contact, see her smile and know that she recognizes him.

When we arrived at the Wellmore End Bed and Breakfast, John (c0-0wner of the B&B)took my suitcase out of the trunk and Bridget (co-owner) greeted me by name. What a welcome! I have a lovely little blue-themed room with an en-suite bathroom and a beautiful view of Porthleven. After I unpacked and settled in, I read for a while until it was time to head over to the Ship’s Inn—a mere 45 seconds from my B&B—to meet the rest of the workshop participants for drinks. Nice crowd. I am the youngest by a solid 20 years. As it should be. Mike and Jenny, the team who runs the workshop, were enthusiastic about my design and my 3D inclinations, so that’s good.

After the evening out, the exhaustion from lack of sleep in combination with all my recent traveling caught up with me and I turned in for the night.

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