Sunday, April 7, 2013: Cornwall-bound!

Greetings friends. It’s been a very long time. Sincerest apologies to Phil, my most dedicated and committed reader. I was in Israel from March 21st to April 4th and did not bring my computer nor did I make an effort to find one to use. I don’t feel like recounting the whole trip so here are some highlights, in no particular order:

1)    One seder, more chol hamoed, 7 days not 8

2)    The Hadera Paper Factory

3)    Nitzanim Beach with Dad and Eitan

4)    Pizza and ice cream with (little) Akiva

5)    ATVing with the family (and Asaf!)

6)    Car rides with the Parental Unit

7)    Potato rolls

8)    Watching Zero Dark Thirty for the second time, with (big) Akiva

9)    McDonalds with Bubby!

10) Chilling with the Waxmans and the Funds

11) All the food I ate

12) Tammie Senders! Elana Berko! Racheli Ruback! Erin Kohn! Talking to Tanya on the phone! Rav K!

13) Spending the birthday in Israel with family

14) Reading The Help

15) Bringamies (Gina, sp?)

I got back to London late Thursday night and caught the second to last Hammersmith and City line train back home. Huzzah! Dana greeted me at the door with turkey. Then I settled in and passed out.

Friday was a busy day, but everything that needed to get done, got done. Dealt with some phone issues, schlepped to Kosher Kingdom and back to get some things for Shabbos and food for my trip to Cornwall, sent out my laundry (in the interest of time. No way was that cost efficient), got a new sketchbook, sat in a café and read for a bit and greeted John Lennon at Paddington Station. Shabbos with John, Avi, Dana, and Dana’s mom and grandmother was much, much fun. So much food, talking, walking and eating—a winning combination. Shabbos afternoon, John and I walked through Hyde Park and Green Park and wandered all the way to Buckingham Palace then made a loop around HRH’s private, fortified, barbed wired gardens, back through Hyde Park, back home for a snack and then back to shul. Saturday night activities included watching a random assortment of quality youtube videos and A Beautiful Mind. Very good movie. I want Jennifer Connelly’s wardrobe from that film, please.

Didn’t go to bed until after two, woke up at six and packed for my trip. Made it to Waterloo Station in plenty of time for my 8:15 train to Penzance via Exeter St. Davids. I am currently writing to you from an incredibly scenic southbound trip. Rolling hills, seaside views. My destination is Porthleven, Cornwall, where I will be participating in a stained glass workshop from Monday until Friday. Then I’ll have a quiet solitary Shabbos by the sea and head back to London on Sunday morning. I’ve brought plenty of books, watercolors, a blank sketchbook, and I’m looking forward to exploring Porthleven by foot.

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