Wednesday, April 11, 2013: So tired, haven’t slept a wink.

Also the guy’s name was Andy. I knew you were going crazy not knowing.

Back at Harbour Inn for their Wi-Fi.

So tired.

Glassed out.

Today was frustrating.

So many broken pieces of glass.

No flow.

None at all.

Was up last night from 2:15 to 5:15.


I’m not entirely sure.

But the amount of sleep I had and the amount of energy today demanded of me were out of sync.

However, in spite of my exhaustion.

I finished my panel.

By finished, I mean it’s one whole piece and it can be lifted off the table.

Still need to cement and deal with the house and the girl on the swing.

I don’t think I have anything else to say except that I hope and pray and hope and pray that I sleep through the night.



One comment on “Wednesday, April 11, 2013: So tired, haven’t slept a wink.

  1. YM says:

    Congratulations upon finishing the panel. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly and with a little less frustration. It sounds like a good night’s sleep is just what you need! xoxo

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