Friday, April 19, 2013: London-bound, once again.

This morning, I accompanied Beth and Fiona to Musselburgh where they were meeting with someone at a box making supplier. SUCH A COOL WAREHOUSE. Think Hadera Paper Mill, but boxes. Like box templates of all shapes and sizes. Who would have guesses how boxes were made? I LOVE (small scale) MASS PRODUCTION. Then I met up with Kasia and Konrad to catch up over coffee (and tea). Such a treat to see them and hear about what they’ve been up to. We three met in Poland (their birthplace) last summer and hit it off and I told them that if I got into the Slade I’d make my way to Edinburgh and see them. Promise kept! Have a wonderful time in Belgium! Konrad, looking forward to reading your dissertation in the future. And Kasia, can’t wait to follow your adventures in Ghana!

After coffee, I made my way back the Cranachan and Crowdie to bid Beth and Fiona farewell. And to get myself a Harris tweed iPhone case, because when in Scotland, you buy tweed. Thank you Beth and Fiona for being such gracious hosts! Hope to see you again soon! Haggis, neeps, tatties, oh my!

Currently on a London Kings Cross-bound where I’ve had my eyes fixed to the window, eager to see Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North as we passed through Newcastle. BUT SOMEHOW I MISSED IT. WHYYYY? Well, now I have no choice but to return.

Next up: Low-key Shabbos, sift through Cornwall and Scotland pictures Saturday night, and on Sunday, John Lennon comes to London! Huzzah!

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