Wednesday, April 17, 2013: The Kiss.

Today was wet and gross. A perfect day to spend indoors, looking at art. First stop was the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to the exhibition titled: From Death to Death and Other Small Tales: Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the D. Daskalopoulos Collection.

Really weird, really graphic, really well done. And heeeeeey Rachel Whiteread! First thought: REBECCA POLLACK. The works in the exhibit covered quite a range, from Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, to explorations of the body, and a variety of conceptual works that I didn’t really get. That was at MODERN ONE. MODERN TWO, is right across the street and it’s current exhibition is part one of the Scottish Colourist Series, spotlighting on S. J. Peploe. It was alright. Didn’t looooove it, but I loved that they had had some his paintbrushes, palettes and still life objects. Something about seeing the objects a painting is based off makes it more tangible for me. After all, my medium is 3D. And the gallery also featured sculptures by Eduardo Palazzo. AND his studio. Well, not really his studio. He bequeathed all his possessions to the museum and helped replicate the general appearance of his studio/living space in the museum. Fantastic. Ah. Like Brancusi’s studio all over again. Love seeing all the objects and maquettes that add up to the huge works that take over gallery spaces and grassy places. AHHH. THINGS.

After MODERN TWO I wandered behind MODERN ONE and found a path that lead to the River Leith and there was a sign indicating that if I walked this way I’d come across some Antony Gormley sculptures. So I walked and walked and walked and walked and then I turned around and walked and walked in the other direction AND I DIDN’T FIND THEM. It was a lovely walk, though. So I went back to MODERN ONE and asked the gallery guard how far I had to walk to find them. He told me two things 1) very far and 2) they are in the water. Ah. Well. Should have looked further. In the water.

There’s a bus that shuttles back and forth between the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Scottish National Gallery. I thought they run once an hour. And usually they do. Except not at 1:30. So I had to wait until 2:30 for the next one. Great. So I probably would have had time to eventually find those Antony Gormley sculptures. But alas. And so I waited for the next shuttle.

Had a lovely time at the Scottish National Gallery. One particular sculpture blew my mind but for various reasons, I can’t reveal its name or artist at this time. It was spectacular. I looked at it for 25 minutes. In the round, yo. And then on my way out, stopped there again.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and I would have liked to because there was an exhibition about Annie Lennox and I like her music and I’m sure there were other portraits I would have enjoyed seeing. Ah well. I made my way back to the Royal Mile and booked a spot on a trip to Loch Ness for tomorrow. 8 AM to 8 PM. A full day of Scottish Highlands. Huzzah!


One comment on “Wednesday, April 17, 2013: The Kiss.

  1. YM says:

    Does this mean you will reveal the mystery sculpture and its artist at some future time? inquiring minds want to know!

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