Sunday, April 21, 2013: [Something cheesy.]

Greetings folks!

A lovely day with John spent far, far away from the marathon runners, thought we did see a few donning their post-run aluminium capes. First stop was the Brent Cross shopping center where John needed new shoes for work because the ones he currently has were so destroyed they were not even remotely socially acceptable. Yes we know it’s the Omer. It was a dire situation. Had lunch at a restaurant called Kanteen. As opposed to Canteen. Very good. Kind of like Aroma with even more options. There was a pizza called Gina Gina! GINA!!

After lunch/shoes we parked the car and took the Tube to Hampstead Heath and walked and wandered and listened to the Once soundtrack and saw fuzzy creatures (not bunnies) in cages and many daffodils but not as many as I saw in Cornwall. Then I was freezing so we went to Starbucks and defrosted a while until we headed to where the car was parked, got fries from Pizaza ate them in the car, and that’s a wrap.

Then I got home and stayed up absurdly late.



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