Sunday, May 12, 2013: A bunny day in Londontown!

Today was the London Pet Show! Huzzah! There were lots of animals of all shapes and sizes but I only came for the bunnies aka Small Furries. I got to watch a rabbit hopping competition. 8 bunnies were flown in from Sweden to show us how high they can jump. This is my kind of entertainment. After the hopping, I got to meet some of these bunnies, the cutest being Benjamin and Trick. So fluffy. Also, so huge. But still cute. Then there was an activity. You know how I love activities. I learned how to make a willow ball. Basically you put hay in it and give it to your rabbit and they have fun and food rolled into one. You make it with wet willow reeds. Kind of sculptural. Anyway, seeing that I don’t have a bunny, Jacqui and Sprinkles will have to duke it out. After 2 hours or so, the crowds invaded, so that was my cue to leave. I walked a while because the weather was nice and because walking is something I do. I found something I need for my sculpture and then walked some more and my heel started to hurt enough that I got on a bus. Ended up on Oxford Street and got a haircut. And now I’m home, getting ready for a lovely evening of paper casting.

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