Wednesday May 8, 2013- Thursday, May 9, 2013: Slade set-up!

These two days are kind of blurred together in my mind. So here you go.

Today was the Slade class picture! So exciting! I hope no one is blocking my face. We also painted the floor in Jess’s space for the 5th time. Having some issues with oil based stains thank you MA painters! But that was finally solved and we were able to start moving around Jess’s sculptures. Also had a look around the Slade to see how set up was going for everyone else. It’s an exciting time! We’re transforming the studios into gallery spaces (hence the floor—and wall—paint jobs) and all the undergraduates are assigned to a final year student to help them set up for their degree show. A great bonding experience, too. Reminds me a lot of pre-camp. No better way to get to know people. Shame it’s now and not, say, 4 months ago. The best way to share this experience with you is through pictures, so you’ll have to wait until I get around to posting.

Spent the evenings working on my final sculpture. Details to follow, maybe.

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