Monday, June 3, 2013: Great Clarendon!

 When I got the Slade this morning a sign on the door read: EXAMINATION IN PROGRESS. CARD ACCESS ONLY. NO ACCESS TO EXHIBITION SPACES.

Okay. I have a card. My card works. It let me in. I have no intention of going to the exhibition spaces. I just want to go to the bindery. Following that logic, I enter the building and I barely make it down the steps before Alan the Studio Manager asks me where I’m going. I tell him the bindery and he says that’s fine. Make note of that. Alan said it’s fine.

I get downstairs and walk down the corridor to the bindery and some lady is like what are you doing here do you work here it’s the examination period for the graduating masters students there are very tight security measures in place. So I say, I’m just going to the bindery, Alan said it’s fine. But this lady still wasn’t fine with it. However, if she just let me slip into the bindery I would no longer be trespassing this alleged exhibition space (hallways count, apparently) but she kept me in the hall against my own will. Anyway, I won, because I always do. And because British people don’t speak their mind with as much assertiveness as Americans. So I just do what I want because I know that nobody will stop me.

I spent most of the day locked away in the bindery binding books because that’s what one does in the bindery. I took a break and met Phil at the British Museum and got a tour of the highlights. In conclusion, the British are shameless thieves. I went back to the Slade and eventually finished everything I could work on that day so I left and went for a walk and realized that I’m Londoned out. There are no walks I feel like taking, I know the pros and cons of all neighborhoods, London can’t offer me anything right now. It has once before, it will once more, but right now, I’m done. So I walked to the British Library because it was nearby and went to the gift shop and an exhibition about a British composer almost as important at Purcell but not quite but wasn’t really feeling it so I left and went home and took a nap and as I was napping the fire alarm went off and I woke up screaming. It was absolutely terrifying.

Fortunately there was no fire.

Next, I made my way to Fabienne and Ezra for a relaxing evening of Britain’s Got Talent, delicious home cooked food and great company. I told Jacqui I was leaving the country. I think she handled it quite well. See you next time Fabezra + Jacqui!

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