Wednesday, June 5, 2013: Enormous Clarendon!

Slept in, spent the remainder of the morning on hold with Virgin Atlantic. Waste of minutes, waste of time, flight still unchanged. Told me I had to call the US office but I’d have to wait three hours for their office to open. Bunch of lying losers. Many thanks, Dad, for changing my flight. You are great.

Finished binding all the bloggy books! Perfect timing! Except I had a little problem with March so that will need to be revisited tomorrow…I’ll post pictures of the finished series! I’m lying! Another nice day, so I walked home once again and spent the evening mentally preparing myself for packing. Many hours later, I am packed. Still have some lose ends to deal with, but those will have to be sorted out by this time tomorrow. I’m not dealing with shipping boxes of boots, books and art supplies on Friday. Nope.

On the bright side, I just booked a trip to Bruges for next week! Hurray for trains! Hurray for pretty European cities! More on that later. Bierman, out.

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