February 1-6: Please rise for a prayer for the Royal Family

We left off as I was heading to City and Guilds for an evening of stained glass. The copper foiling is getting tedious, but still worth my while. Any thoughts as to what my next project should be? I booked a weeklong holiday in Cornwall for a week in April where I’ll be going on a stained glass workshop retreat. They said that a month before, they’ll be in touch with us to look at sketches and see what materials we might need…so exciting. If you want to know more about it: http://www.vitreus-art.co.uk/cornwall2012/index.html 

I went to the studio Friday morning to work on my book of maps for a while. On my way I bought flowers for our Shabbos hosts using only the coins in my wallet! Let’s hear it for self serve checkout. No respectable cashier would ever tolerate that. Then I met Dana at the Baker Street Station to make our way to the Boxers for Shabbos. We were supposed to spend our first Shabbos there, but due to unforeseen travel complications/Shabbos coming in absurdly early, it was postponed to the first Shabbos in February. And here we are! I had a great time–wonderful people, great conversations about maps, David Hockney, Rodin, microcalligraphy, books worth reading, sights worth seeing. And fantastic food. That’s always a must. After Shabbos, I stayed for a quiz/fundraiser/hang out with people and eat sandwiches thing that was a lot of fun, too. And we got some cheese to go. We should definitely go back.

On Sunday Dana and I went to Camden Town to browse through the various market stalls and then made our way to the Jewish Museum and finished the day with a nice long walk to Regent’s Park with the intention of spontaneously going to the zoo, which was closed. Then we walked to Primrose Hill and around the surrounding neighborhood. There were two places on the bucket list listed in the Primrose Hill area, but it seems that have since closed. Shame. Dana and I parted ways and I wandered around a bit more, ate two new types of Cadbury bars (Crunchie, Turkish Delight, for those who might be keeping track), went to a gallery and then met up with Rosie and went to a quaint pub called Pembroke for a cup of tea. Rosie, you’re a delight! We’re making a habit of this my darling emu!

On Monday I finished my book of maps and listened to so many great Ted Talks.




I also Skyped with Yael all the way down under and stayed in the studio until 6ish made my way home and HiattChatted and Skyped with Nomi…and then I read my new Joshua Foer book about memory and I guess I went to sleep. Having a hard time remembering Monday in full detail. And Wednesday and Thursday and WHERE IS MY HAT? (I can’t find my hat and not being able to recall the details of Wednesday and Thursday is making it difficult to retrace my footsteps). Being behind on blogging just makes memory matters worse. Blargh.

Help me find my marbles?

On to Tuesday….Got to the studio just in time for a(n interminable) three hour seminar. I should have more to say on that but I don’t. Maybe next time. Afterwards, I went to the hardware store to see if I could find something worth casting in glass and then to Wellcome Collection for the death exhibit and then made my way to City and Guilds and hour early to maximize copper foiling time. There was a certain point where I couldn’t go on without a piece of chocolate but was too lazy to get some but at around halftime we break for tea and there was a kosher granola bar. Life! You’re too good to me. Then I made my way home and tried to braid my hair in french braid pigtails for a while. Gave up, read my book, knitted and listened to Alma and wove red ribbon through my sketchbook.

I feel like I should have broken this up into multiple posts. Oh well. Too late.


Today I slept late because I can and then I washed a lot of dishes and went to the map store in Covent Garden. Then I decided that it would be a lovely day to walk along the Thames so that’s what I did. I think I can stop writing here because the pictures can take over for me now. After my excursion to the riverside, I took the Tube back the studio and blogged for IFSA-Butler (the study abroad agency). I’m supposed to be blogging for them twice a week for a small payment but haven’t done so yet so I did some catching up. If you feel like reading a different (not really) take on this whole London thing, have a look:


Then I went to an artist talk. Caroline Achaintre. Really interesting materials and process and good at talking about her work.

Have a look: http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/caroline_achaintre.htm?section_name=new_britannia

Made my way home, HiattChatted, made a basil lemon garlic pasta that was begging for a cream sauce and now I’m going to close my laptop and read/knit/paint/braidmyhair.

What’s happening tomorrow: Gallery hop! Leaves from the Slade at 11 AM—if you’re local, you’re welcome to come! I’m going to be so art-ed out by tomorrow. And we will conclude with another stained glass session.

Cheers! Pictures!

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