Tuesday, April 9, 2013: Cue celebration.

First off:


Today I ate breakfast with Ginny and shoot I can’t remember the husband’s name, a couple from nearby Dover. Had a lovely conversation about London, New York, travel, art, all there is to see in St. Ives (will hopefully get there before I leave on Sunday), artists and writers who hail from Cornwall, and the nuances of Yiddish language. A great way to start the day, I think.

Spent the entire day making tremendous progress on my panel. Better demonstrated in images than words so wait a bit and I’ll post pictures.

Today during the lunch break I went inside all the galleries and gifty shops I found yesterday and spotted many lovely things but I didn’t bring my wallet because I knew that would be a bad idea and I didn’t bring a camera because I forgot it but I justify it by recognizing that I shouldn’t constantly be taking pictures instead of looking at things. I found a brooch that I thought only existed in my mind AND it’s not expensive. Tomorrow I shall bring my wallet. It involves lilies of the valley.

As I was walking, I noticed people walking along a shore that I couldn’t figure out how to get to. Which got me thinking. Since I’ve arrived, I’ve been around the harbor a bunch of times but nowhere else really. And I’m feeling that need to explore farther. But fact of the matter is, I’m in the studio from 9:30-6:30 and that doesn’t leave very much time to wander. But that’s okay because I have all of Shabbos to walk around. Shabbos, which ends at 9:04 PM. Huzzah!

In conclusion, there will be time to walk, but all in due time. Another thing whose due time I need to figure out. I must get to St. Ives while I’m here. Must. But the public transportation here is like trying to get from Brandeis to Boston on the commuter rail/T. Inconvenient. A hassle. Can someone just drive me? I would take an afternoon off to go, but it will take more than an afternoon to get there, see it, and get back. And I have a lot more glass work to do. So I don’t know if it will happen. But if I’ve come THIS FAR, I need to go. Option 1: Take cab there on Thursday even though it will be expensive, but it will still be cheaper than coming back to this part of the world in the future. Option 2: Go there on my way back to London on Sunday at the cost of taking a later train. But since my train is coming into Paddington I don’t need to worry so much about validating my ticket on the way out because they don’t care there/the turnstiles are frequently open.

This will sort itself out and time will help that happen.

I am currently sitting in the pub I loitered outside of last night to steal their free Wi-Fi. I decided to make it up to them by coming in and getting a drink. And it’s worth it because I get to catch up on my blog. As much as I love beingdisconnected (truth), I was so very behind. And while you catch up on all this reading, I’ll go disappear again.



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