Friday, April 13, 2013: Glassed-out.

Last day of the workshop! Wah! I like to think I’ve made lots of good decisions during my time abroad. And I think that the choice to come to Cornwall and take this workshop was one of the best ones I’ve made. The feeling that comes from turning a sketch into a window is indescribable.

So today I finished that window. With three hours to spare! I love it. I think this is the best thing I’ve made and I will never make anything I’m as proud of and satisfied with again and I’m 22 and now what?

This is all very dream come true-like. I recall borderline nervous breakdown conversations with Deb before London on the topic of WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE NEXT SEMESTER. And we talked about glass and how I should do some research before I go and try to find some artist to do slave labor for and all my stained glass dreams would come true. And then my second week in London when I was searching for what ultimately became my Tuesday and Thursday evenings at City and Guilds, I found this workshop and after several weeks of thinking about it and my father’s encouragement, I booked a spot and now I have a leaded window that started off as a woodblock print from Alfredo’s class last semester. A design which was the result of I can’t think of what to make and I can’t draw uch I’ll put a girl on a swing on a tree and I’ll put a house in the distance because I like houses.

I spent today putting the finishing touches on my little glass girl (as opposed to a little copper girl) and rigged the little 3D apparatus that would support her. Then I made the little glass house, glued that on, and ta-da. Let’s hope that when I unpack it when I get back to the U.S. it’s still all in one piece….

And I left the studio to a gorgeous day…only to spend it inside the pub planning St. Ives. But it had to be done. Afterwards, I met all my glass cutting friends at the Ship Inn for some victory drinks and non-glass related conversation. It was so nice to get to know Mike and Jenny outside of the context of ARGH DAMNED GLASS KEEPS BREAKING. I hope I get to attend another one of their workshops. Next up: A Louis Comfort Tiffany-inspired lamp with thousands of tiny, tiny pieces.

This was followed by a quiet solitary Shabbos evening and an early night. Much needed.

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